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Ignorance Threshold

May 28, 2009 by


What makes smart kids? I don’t think it’s intelligence. It’s self-consciousness. I think everyone has an “ignorance threshold”. Your ignorance threshold is the level of knowledge you need to have on a subject in order not to feel stupid when you’re talking to people about that subject. Some people are perfectly comfortable going on and […]

Visceral Learning

April 2, 2009 by


It seems to me that a lot of classroom learning is not so much the result of what the teacher says as it is the exposure of the student to the subject. Everyone has certain skills they can just naturally glom onto. It makes me think of knot tying in Boy Scouts. Several scoutmasters taught […]

Pre-Class Tests

March 16, 2009 by


This is kind of a chaser thought to my pre-meeting video post. I’m sitting in my accounting class right now, learning about “activity-based costing”, or ABC. ABC is a fancy way of saying that if I have an IT department that provides 1000 person-hours of IT support each month, and if region A uses 20% […]

The Pre-Meeting Video

February 26, 2009 by


At church, work, and school, I’ve had the opportunity to [be compelled to] attend training meetings. Thursday last week, I got a call from our high council representative that the stake wanted all priesthood leadership to attend a training meeting after church on Sunday. Since the meeting was organized on short notice, I figured that […]


September 5, 2008 by


In my dance classes, teachers often repeated variations on a theme: “Don’t try so hard — just let go, breathe, and allow your body execute the movement.” I knew there had to be some truth to it, because teachers gave me the most positive feedback on the days I was sick, when I wasn’t able […]

Finding a Memory

August 20, 2008 by


I woke up early this morning, since my carpool was leaving at 6:15 AM instead of our usual 7:00 AM. After I showered and shaved, I came to the couch and looked out the window in the pre-dawn twilight. It’s been raining, so everything was dark, peaceful, and reflective. It brought feelings to me from […]