Who We Are

This is the online home for the extended Marsh family. We come from California, Oregon, Texas, and New Mexico, Florida and Japan but mostly Utah.

Who we are:

danelaverty — Dane often craves Dairy Queen peanut butter cup Blizzards.

jadicus — Jade wears toe socks in a plethora of colors.

hrlav — Heather is secretly a rock star.

canonobrien — Canon dreams of cheesy delights in the night.

kathyleebrown — Kathy is mysteriously enigmatic.

snowpunter — Jon ignored Russian spies as they dynamited his home.

oldmanpotter — Mike’s undeniable aura warps space, time, and reason.

5 Responses “Who We Are” →
  1. Who is from Japan? What part?

  2. My brother Canon’s wife Hannah is from Tokyo. He and I served as missionaries in Japan. I spent most of my time in Wakayama-ken (plus a few months spent near Osaka). Canon was in the south Tokyo area.

  3. I was there from Sept. 1998 to Sept. 2000.


  4. Cassandra A. henry

    March 27, 2010

    I am interested in using this hallway picture as the cover of a book. Is this copyright and if so How do I go about getting your permission to use this.


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