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I went with a friend the other day to get a tattoo–wait. She got a tattoo. I didn’t haha. We started talking about dreams and I asked the tattoo artist if he dreamt about tattooing people. (My boss at Quiznos explains our “One Dollar Sub Sale” to her boyfriend in her sleep.) He said that the most recurring one was that he would look down to see that he was tattooing without his latex gloves on. Then he said that sometimes he’d design tattooes in his dreams and that he actually designed his entire business card in a dream. I checked it out, it was all black with a white silhoette (sp?) of an ewok, because that’s the name he goes by. And there was a phone number on the bottom, but his name wasn’t on it anywhere. He explained that that was one of the vital parts of the dream, was that he wouldn’t put his name on there, just an Ewok silhouette “to weed out…” To weed out the customers that didn’t know him well enough to realize a card with an ewok on it was his? Haha. I’m not sure where he was going with that. At first I thought it was silly that a business person would try to weed out any kind of paying customer, but my friend had to schedule her appointment like, five weeks ahead of time because the guy was so booked. Which made me realize that an occupation that allows you to go by the name Ewok and weed out customers could actually be worth looking into… Just kidding. Sort of.

It all mostly reminded me of you though, Dane. It just seemed like something you would do, design a business card in a dream and then actually create it. I think about the conversations we used to have about lucid dreaming a lot. And I find that my best dreams are ones where I’m in a backyard and I’m running away from something so I choose a fence to jump over and I end up in a different backyard… I just get to explore everyone’s backyards in my dreams. It’s pretty awesome 🙂

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