Geeks Again

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I was recently called to be the priests quorum teacher in our ward. This means that I get to teach the 16 to 18-year-old young men at church. It also means that I get to attend the Wednesday night youth activities.

The young men in our ward are pretty typical of young men in the church: vibrant, fun, and into sports, music, and video games. They are a lot like the kids that I knew at church back when I was in the Young Men’s program.

I didn’t connect really closely with any of the other kids at church. I was always more comfortable hanging out with my fellow geeks at school.

Hanging out with the young men here, I was kind of surprised to discover that it’s still basically the same way. I mean, between work and school, I’ve made a conscious effort over the last ten years to bridge the geek/non-geek gap. I understand how important it is to be able to associate with a wide range of people, but it seems I haven’t come as far as I had thought.

A while back I wrote about the difference between geeks and non-geeks. I’ve been thinking more about it since then, and have come up with a couple of other differences.

  1. Coming home from work/school to an empty house, the non-geek will quickly go out and find someone to do something with. The geek will happily enjoy the opportunity to pursue one of his own interests without interruption.
  2. (Related to #1) Geeks have “default hobbies” — something that they’re into, and will channel their spare time towards. This is why geeks aren’t into extracurricular sports/leadership/etc. All those team things take time away from the important stuff.
  3. Geeks take time to think about the difference between geeks and non-geeks 😛
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