The Mart of Nations

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Imagine a very long hallway with doors running down both sides, kind of like this:


Behind each door is some kind of pleasant diversion. If you could, you might spend your whole life traveling the hallway and discovering the hidden joys behind each door.

Of course, you have physical needs, so the hallway would need to be equipped with certain facilities. There would need to be food vendors, restrooms, and a place to sleep when you’re tired.

More importantly, you’re not alone. The hallway is filled with billions of people — everyone on earth is there. So there need to be rules to keep peace in the hallway while everyone is busy trying to get to their doors.

At this point, the hallway starts to resemble the world we live in. It’s a busy place, full of people who are trying to make ends meet so that they can spend some time visiting the doors.

In my mind, there are two parts to the world. There is the visible, functional part. It’s made up of houses, streets, schools, offices, and cars. That is the great hallway. Isaiah uses the phrase “mart of nations”. I think that fits very well. A “mart” is the place where people gather in order to take care of their personal business needs.

Then there is the invisible part, the part that lies behind the doors. It’s conversations with friends, good books, and beautiful sunrises. It is not so much about what you see with your eyes as what you see with your mind.

Some people are comfortable in the hallway, and some people are comfortable in the doors.

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