Alanna on the Couch with a Pencil

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This morning Alanna, Asher, Lydia and I sat together on the couch watching Polly (one of my favorite Sunday morning shows). The kids had their handy dandy notebooks out so they could alternate between watching the show and drawing pictures. Here’s an example of Alanna’s fine artwork:

alannasDrawingAnd, for those in need of an interpretation, here you go. The words at the top are “Alanna”, “Asher”, “Mommy”, “Daddy”, and “Lydia”. After she finished drawing the people at the bottom, she counted the five people and drew five circles. Those, apparently, are the cookies for everyone 🙂alannasDrawingLegendOh, and here’s a picture of the budding artist. I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday too!


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