Visceral Learning

Posted on April 2, 2009 by


It seems to me that a lot of classroom learning is not so much the result of what the teacher says as it is the exposure of the student to the subject. Everyone has certain skills they can just naturally glom onto. It makes me think of knot tying in Boy Scouts. Several scoutmasters taught knot tying to our scout troop. Some of the scouts just picked it up, I never did. The scout leaders would talk about “the rabbit around the tree and in the hole”. Years later when I went back to learn knot tying on my own, I discovered they were right: the rabbit does go around the tree and in the hole. But the scouts who picked it up naturally, I don’t think they got it because the scoutmaster talked about the rabbit. I think they picked it up viscerally, through experiential osmosis.

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