Taking out the Trash

Posted on March 20, 2009 by


I don’t know how it is in your family, but when I was growing up, taking out the trash was a “boy” chore.  At first it was my Dad and then when Clayton got bigger it was his job.  It was the only chore that did not get shared, (not that I am complaining).  I remember that he used to mention occasionally how it was unfair that he had another chore to do, and a smelly one, but when Jeffrey Christian came around Melanie and I got diaper duty and offered to trade.  He seemed to think taking out the garbage twice a week was not so bad.

Now in my own home, Dane is the garbage man.  I only do it if I really have to.  I have noticed that this is the same in many homes, garbage is the mans chore.  Why is that? (No, I am not campainging for changing it to a “womans chore”, I am just curious).  The garbage is rarely so heavy that someone of a teenagers size can’t handle it.  They have those bags with the pull strings so that you can easily carry the bag and nothing spills.  So is it the smell?  The going outside in the cold in the winter for 2 minutes?  A traditional thing?  The fact that taking out the garbage is a simple process and really hard to mess up?  I am not down playing mens abilities to do chores, I just find it an interesting.

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