Pre-Class Tests

Posted on March 16, 2009 by


This is kind of a chaser thought to my pre-meeting video post. I’m sitting in my accounting class right now, learning about “activity-based costing”, or ABC. ABC is a fancy way of saying that if I have an IT department that provides 1000 person-hours of IT support each month, and if region A uses 20% of IT’s output, then I should charge region A for 200 person-hours of IT work. It’s not a difficult concept.

I find that everything taught in school can be lumped into one of two categories. Either it’s an idea that I already understand but don’t have a name for — like ABC — or it’s a new idea that I’m being being exposed to for the first time.

Sometimes I make school harder than it has to be, since I presume that if I already understanding what the teacher is teaching, then I must be missing something. So I think that it would be helpful if the teacher would do a quick pre-class quiz to see if we already know what he’s going to be teaching us. Then I could know from the start where I am, where he is, and where we’re going.

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