Keeping It Holy

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tennis_ball46170428_stdWhen I was about seven years old, my parents signed me up for tennis lessons. It was a character-building experience. I remember that at the end of the season, all of the kids got an award — “Best Serve”, “Strongest Backhand”, that kind of thing. My award was “Best Ball Picker-Upper”.

But the thing I remember most from the class was a conversation with one particular girl. I think we were seven-year-old rivals or something. After practice one day we got into a conversation about our comparative skills. In her seven-year-old trash talk, she challenged me, “I’ll take you on any day of the week!” To which I responded, “Oh yeah? Well sure. But it can’t be Sunday. My mom won’t drive me out here on Sunday. And besides, I can’t play sports on Sunday anyway.” So thanks mom for teaching me good gospel principles. You probably saved me from abject second-grade humiliation.

Incidentally, maybe I should add “excessive literalness” to my list of attributes that separate geeks from non-geeks.

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