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How do you layout a bofællesskab community? There are several styles (I’ll post some of the others later), but my favorite looks like this:


Bondebjerget (image from Cohousing by McCamant and Durrett)

This is the layout of Bondebjerget in Odense, Denmark. It is a single community divided into smaller circles, each with its own playground (marked with the number 3) and common building (marked with the number 1). Parking (number 2) is external, but convenient to the homes.

I like that plan because you can start out with a single small circle for the initial group, and then add additional circles as more people choose to get involved. I suppose that if you had enough interest, you might even build larger facilities at the center of all the smaller circles.

Incidentally, did you wonder what you might find in those common buildings?

Bondebjerget Commons

Bondebjerget Commons (image from Cohousing by McCamant and Durrett)

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