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naturecityYesterday I got an email expressing concern about finding a job near the green hill. I think that calling it “the green hill” gives the impression of an idyllic, out-of-the way place. As much as I would love for that to be the case, I know that there are practical considerations–jobs, schools, etc.–and that I’ll have a hard time building a community in the middle of nowhere.

So with that, here are the things I’m looking for in picking a location for the green hill:

Close to Employment – which generally means close to a population center.

Good Schools – a lot of us have kids, and we want them to get a good education.

College/University – I’d like to have access to education for adults as well as the kids.

Fun Stuff to Do – Living in a small town now, I’m coming to realize how important it is to have good places to hang out, fun activities to do, and recreational opportunities.

Enrichment Opportunities – Growing up, I took for granted having access to after-school activities, like music, dance, sports, etc.

Beautiful – While the green hill probably wouldn’t work well in the middle of nowhere, I also don’t want it to be in the middle of urban downtown. Parks are nice too.

Good Weather – This is another one that comes from living in Oregon. It would be nice to be able to take kids outside for more than just half the year.

Safe – As a kid I enjoyed being free to walk around and explore my neighborhood by myself. I hope to live somewhere that I’m comfortable with my kids doing the same.

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