The Pre-Meeting Video

Posted on February 26, 2009 by


At church, work, and school, I’ve had the opportunity to [be compelled to] attend training meetings. Thursday last week, I got a call from our high council representative that the stake wanted all priesthood leadership to attend a training meeting after church on Sunday. Since the meeting was organized on short notice, I figured that there was some special need the stake wanted to address.

The meeting turned out to be fine and useful, but I left it with no idea as to why it was organized. At some point during the meeting, I had a vision of the stake presidency gathered together in conversation. I imagined them saying, “<something something something>, and so we need to have a priesthood leadership training meeting to address that issue!” And I thought, “Wow, there’s actually a reason that we’re here. Somewhere in that <something something something> is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed.”

So my thought is that whenever people are gathered together for some reason, it would be valuable to get to hear the conversation that sparked the meeting. It would give context, providing a hook to hang the discussion on. I’d love to see a video of the stake presidency’s discussion at the beginning of each training meeting, and then I’d be able to say, “Ah, it’s clear to me why I’ve been called to be here.”

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