Community: Whither Hence? The Plan

Posted on February 25, 2009 by


peterborough_cohousing_31I’ve spent a few posts over the last couple weeks describing my vision for a community. So how does this transfrom from some occasional online musings into a brick and mortar construction development?

One of the best resources I’ve found is a book called The Cohousing Handbook: Building a Place for Community. It answers this question, laying out the process from vision to reality. The book divides the process into eight steps:

  1. Forming a group of interested, committed people.
  2. Holding meetings and making assignments.
  3. Committing money to the project.
  4. Selecting a building site.
  5. Hiring professionals.
  6. Obtaining construction financing.
  7. Starting construction.
  8. Moving in!

We’re still solidly in step one, and that’s a good place to be. As I write more, I look forward to getting a sense of who wants to be part of the project. When there is enough interest, we’ll formally create a group, and then it will be time to move into the practical concerns.

P.S. – For anyone who wants to learn more on your own, I recommend this book. It describes several bofællesskab communities with illustrations and interviews, explaining how they’re designed and structured, and how they function.

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