Rothko Paintings

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One of my coworkers has a printout of an orange rectangle with a couple other orange rectangles in it. I was curious, so I went over this morning to ask him about it. Here’s the conversation we had:

Me: Hi, I wanted to ask about the orange rectangles.

Him: What?

Me: The picture of the orange rectangles on your wall.

Him: Oh, that’s a Rothko painting. He’s a well-known artist.

Me: Okay. I’ve never heard of him.

Him: Yeah, a lot of people have never heard of him, but he’s extremely well-known.

I know, he meant that he’s extremely well-known in the art world, but that most non-art people (including myself) don’t know who he is. Still, I thought that last sentence of his was great.

Incidentally, here’s the picture:

Orange and Yellow - Mark Rothko

Orange and Yellow - Mark Rothko

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