The Green Hill

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greenhill1Some of you have heard me talk about my dream of bringing my friends and family to live together. I call it “the green hill”, from a dream I had when I was little. In the dream, I saw a group of people gathered together on top of a hill, just talking, playing, and enjoying each other’s company. The image has stayed with me for years. I imagine it would be a lot like our Tahoe family reunions.

Recently I’ve been studying what it would take to make that sort of community possible in real life. I’ve come up with four principles:

  1. Affordable
  2. Mainstream
  3. Encourages interaction
  4. Provides free time

Encouraging interaction and providing free time are really the underlying goals. Those are the things that make our Tahoe trips fun–the activities, games, and trips we share together, as well as the freedom to kick back and read a book or take a nap without having to worry about anything else.

Affordability and being mainstream are the practical foundations for making the community work. It has to be affordable so that it will be accessible to everyone who wants to be part of it. It has to be mainstream (i.e. not some ideological commune or a middle-of-nowhere bunker complex–the images that people commonly associate with intentional communities) so that people would be comfortable living and raising families there.

Over the coming weeks, I plan to post some of my ideas of how to make the green hill real. If you’re reading this blog then you’re someone that I want to have come live at the green hill, so share your thoughts too. What would your ideal community be like?

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