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I am a terrible ” big decisions” maker.  Small things fine, I can decide what I am going to wear in the morning, what I am going to do with my day, etc. but when it comes to the really tough decisions in life I would rather sit back and let Dane make all the decisions.  Then I came blame him later if I think it was the wrong one. (Okay, totally unfair to Dane I know and I apologize profusely after I rant.  Actually he rarely lets me get away with it.)

I wish I was not wishy washy.  Sometimes I am really able to get a grip on myself and actually express an opinion, and sometimes I can actually make the final decision, but in general I prefer to sit and let someone else take the lead.  I need to find something, a method, or just plain courage, to actually make big decisions.  Hopefully it will come to me while my kids are small.  otherwise as teenagers they will be totally out of control!

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