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One of my missionary companions had a big trench coat. Everytime we left the apartment, it took him several minutes (or at least that’s what it felt like) to get his coat on and do all the buttons, zippers, and buckles. It became such an event, I started to factor it into our travels: “Should we drop this stuff off at the apartment, or just keep it on our bikes for the rest of the evening? Hmm…he would have to put his coat back on…I guess we’ll just lug it along.”

I’ve found the same thing with families. When Heather and I want to head out for a walk to the park, we just get the kids ready and go. Some of our friends, on the other hand, wouldn’t consider a trip out with the kids without a few days advance notice. I think it’s interesting how spontaneity plays out from person to person and family to family.

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