Snow Day

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1214080801They considered canceling church today.  There is supposedly a huge storm coming this way, the roads will have snow and then the snow will freeze.  Some people say they do not think it is going to be as bad as it sounds.  Others are running to the store hoping that there is something on the shelves (we only have one major grocery store in town and it is not often well stocked at any time.)

So, there was some concern that since our ward meets at 12, that some families might not be able to make it home.  Then there was the concern that some of the gung ho families who live in the outer city of Falls City, might try to come in anyway and get stuck here or go off road somewhere.  The other ward got out after sacrament meeting.  And eventually that was the verdict in our ward.  One hour of sacrament meeting.

Now as I look out the window, the snow is falling.  It looks really pretty but I also have to remember that I am not sure where any flashlights are, and am glad I made a recent cannery trip, just in case.  (Not that I got much when I was there.  I’m just starting and didn’t want to get a whole storage thing before I knew what I was doing).   If it snows bad enough Dane will get to stay home tomorrow.  I could handle that.

It is interesting being out here after two years in Utah.  In Utah it snows and you move on with life.  Here it snows and life grinds to a halt.  Admitidly it is wetter here than Utah, but still, snow is snow, wet or dry.  I had a doctors appointment once on a snow day, and they called me to ask if I was planning on cancelling (everone else was).  I looked out the window, saw maybe an inch of snow and said, “no of course I am coming.”   There was a pause on the phone.  So many people had canceled that the nurses and doctors were all looking forward to going home.  So I said that I would get off the phone and go then, rather than make them wait for another 3 hours.  They condluded that I must live close by.  Well, yes I did, but the roads were not that bad!

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