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I was taking a swing dancing class with a guy friend of mine, and we were both kind of flaky about going to class, so about half way through the semester we made a deal that the next person to skip class would have to take the other person out for dinner.  And being the frugal person I am, I was very diligent in going to class.  I could hardly justify taking myself out for dinner, much less paying for another person in addition to me. 

So like clockwork, the week following this deal my friend failed to show up for class.  (I told him that if he had really wanted to take me out for dinner that badly he could’ve just said so :D.)  So tonight we’re going out for dinner.  And because I have a lot of cute dresses and heels that I rarely have occassion to wear, I decided we would dress up.  And he’s being a good sport about it.  But being your typical guy he didn’t know what to wear, so I checked out his closet yesterday to see what the options were. 

And wow.  I didn’t realize that dressing up a hippie would be so difficult.  I’m so used to having Mormon boys for friends that it didn’t even occur to me that he wouldn’t have at least one outfit of dressy clothes.  He does have some slacks, but they’re covered in mud from an adventure in the forest.  Looks like shoes will have to be very, very worn skate shoes.  The classiness of his button-up shirt surprised me, until he explained that he got it for a dollar at the thrift store (I believe the slacks came from the “free box”).  And turns out the nicest jacket he has is your typical Lumberjack jacket, red and black plaid.  Out of curiosity I asked if he owned a tie, and he said that the one tie he owns has Jimi Hendrix on it. 

HAHAHahahahaha.  I tend to be very naive in my expectations for people.  This allows for many humorous surprises.

Along this same line I guess is the guy that walks me to my dorm after Biology.  At first glance he’s just an older (in his 30’s) burned out hippie.  I never in a million years would’ve guessed that he ran away from home at 15 to be a Deadhead (is that the correct term? He followed the Grateful Dead masses?), was wanted nationwide for 8 years, finally turned himself in and went to jail, and is just now able to take classes at a college (apparently registering for classes isn’t really an option when the police are looking for you).  But the classes he’s taking are just for fun.  Because he makes a living off of selling weed.  Supposedly growing will earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but after taking growing costs into account you’re only left with about $80,000/year.  But he doesn’t flaunt any of this, and it took a long time to even find that much out. 

But he goes on the list of guys to investigate if I ever mysteriously disappear.  Him and Jon, the creeper from my philosophy class. 


Just kidding mom 🙂

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