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As I was putting tater tots into the oven for lunch today, I was suddenly reminded of how afraid I used to be of hot ovens.  In a way I still am.  I have been that way since a small child.  (Hansel and Gretel anyone?)  I was sooooo nervous to pull anything out of the oven and did it with as few fingers as possible.  Not a good idea.

I eventually had an incident that I decided that for my own good I had to control this fear.  One day (when Iwas like, 15) my mother asked to to take a chicken out of the oven while she went to the store for a minute.  The chicken was sitting on a small rack inside a pan.  I did not realize that the rack and the pan were not attached and on one side grabbed rack and pan, but only rack on the other side.  The pan spilled, spilling hot chicken grease all over my left arm.  Considering no one was home I handled the situation pretty well, ran to the sink and put my arm under cold water.  Very painful.  But I was berating myself.  If I had not been so timid about it, and used proper protection etc it would not have happened, or at least not so badly.  Fortunatly I hardly suffered any effects from the burn, just had to wrap it up for a few days, it was only 1st degree if that. 

So for years now I have worked on trying to conquer that fear.  But you know, I have others.  Popping balloons.  I am so afraid of them that I avoid blowing them up even.  My poor children are never going to have balloons at their parties.  Whenever they pop I jump, scream or otherwise look silly.  They did that in primary one day.  Pop the balloon with a pin.  I covered my ears and watched the floor.   Then there are spiders.  I don’t scream when I see them anymore but Dane gets to be the macho man.  (Okay, maybe I scream if I see them and I was not expecting them.   I ran into a blackwidow the size of my palm in my parents woodshed once.)

Those are the main ones.  Does anyone else have something that seems silly that they are afraid of?

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