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so i just took a midterm for a class that i’ve only attended once in the last month, and i think i did okay. i studied the readings last night and this morning for a couple of hours and felt more prepared for this test than any other test in that class.  i still haven’t decided what i think about this, the fact that i think i could’ve passed this class with just some bare minimum attendance.  how long before all teachers become obsolete?

i registered for classes for next semester today too, and although the majority of my classes are really dull and tedious-sounding, im still excited to take them just because it means im that much closer to being done with my general ed and therefore that much closer to just taking really fun classes! (hopefully.) im taking contemporary math which im actually not stressed about at all, american government, US history until 1877, intro to social work and social institutions, and psychology of critical thinking. YAY for no science!!! and one of the classes, can’t remember which, is an online one, reinforcing the feeling that teachers are becoming more and more outdated…

i dropped my phone in the ocean the other day. it was absolutely amazing how quickly it can go from being dropped to being suuuuuuucked out into unknown depths. like, looking down and knowing that i dropped my phone in that exact spot less than ten seconds ago and now it is absolutely and completely gone for life. but i was scheduled to get a new phone over thanksgiving break anyway, so it was actually pretty good timing. i forgot how disabling it is to not have a phone, and have had to resort to putting sticky notes on people’s doors to try to get a hold of them. i can’t believe that it wasn’t even that long ago that not everyone had a cell phone, now i don’t understand how people function without them. scary. but i guess dad is my shining example, if he can survive without a cell phone i guess it’s still possible. (well okay, he has a cell phone but uses it so infrequently that he doesn’t even know what his own phone number is.)

i still feel like i haven’t even been at college for that long, but when i visited home a couple weekends ago it felt like it had been years since i’d been living there, driving the acura and hanging out with friends. like, somebody placed a couple of years or so in between the transition of moving from home to humboldt, so that humboldt still feels so new but home feels like ages ago.

speaking of coming home, the no on 8 rally in sacramento was AMAZING. it’s funny how different things like that are here in comparison to home. i love humboldt and i love cameron park, but i don’t think i could end up living in either place.

and that’s the end of my sort of stream-of-conscious rant.

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