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cambodia-flag2I know that some of you have an aversion to listening to people’s dreams (yeah Jade, I’m looking at you), so if that’s the case read no further. But, anyway, I had a really cool dream last night, so I’m going to post it.

Basically, the King of Cambodia was very angry with David Spade, so he invaded the college where David and I were taking classes. Most of the dream consisted of me and Dan Washburn running around the campus, trying to avoid the king’s snipers, while checking Google News to get the latest update on Spade.

Ultimately, we were able to avoid the king’s men long enough that David was able to form his own defense team. The king had one “eauliant” (rhymes with Tolkein’s “oliphant”, but not “ebuliant”), which is essentially a highly-trained commando/body-guard. David responded by hiring Jada Pinkett Smith as his own eauliant. Then Google News announced that David was getting ready to hire a second eauliant, and that would be too much for the king to handle, so he had basically won the conflict. (Apparently eauliants are really expensive, and the King of Cambodia could only afford one.)

So in the end I was proud of America, even though I wasn’t too fond of David Spade in my dream (nor am I in waking life.) Interpretation? All I can give you is that perhaps it was a subliminal response to the American incursion to Syria, and my mind’s subconscious aversion to the idea of foreign nations entering our territory to pursue vendettas against individuals they don’t like.

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