Final Shout Out

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Elections are next week.  I know how liberal this blog is, but I just wanted to give my last shout-out to conservativism before the elections.  Not that I’m much of a McCain fan.  I don’t care for some of his energy, gun control, and global warming policies.  Frankly, I would’ve preferred two or three of the other GOP nominees to McCain.  But all the same, I still whole-heartedly believe in conservative values and that’s what I’m here to support.

On the other hand,

I do not understand how you can support Obama’s corporate tax hikes as a way to hand out “tax returns” to people who don’t even pay taxes.  I may get a bigger tax break under Obama, but that won’t do me much good after my struggling employer lays me off due to higher taxes.  I do not understand how you can support Obama’s education plan that will cost billions upon billions upon billions of dollars.  Since the government is already spending way beyond its means, every additional dollar spent means taking another dollar from somebody’s pocket.  How about we focus on balancing the budget first, then let’s talk about spending!  (Same applies to McCain, but to a much lesser extent).  And most of all, I do not understand how you can cast your vote in support of abortion and the redefining of marriage.  Do personal convictions no longer factor into your choice for president?  Perhaps you should try living in a blue state for a while before you decide that liberalism and big government are the best paths for America.  Our whole state is about to go bankrupt!

Vote to keep freedom within the individual.  Let us hold on to what self-governence we have left, because each freedom we give up is a freedom we will never get back.

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