Christmas Music

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When I was growing up we had a rule in our house that we could not sing/listen to christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  (The exception to this being practicing for musical events or singing/playing from the Hymn book since we really should celebrate the life of Christ all year round).  The basis behind this rule is that Thanksgiving so often gets forgotten.  Stores start Halloween in September and jump right into Christmas on Nov. first if they bother to wait that long (I have already seen stores getting Christmas things in, other than the ususal craft and fabric stores that have to give people time to make their creations).  So, we tried to mak sure that we gave Thanksgiving its proper due.

Well, now as an adult in my own house, with a husband who adores Christmas time, I have to do some different thinking.  Last year we started playing chirstmas songs around October or so, you know, when the weather gets cold (at least up here).  And at one point during this process Alanna decided that there was a particular CD that she liked, and it has become the “running Christmas” CD.  Its Mannheim Steam Roller.  Anyway, there is the running song, the horse song, and a few others. (Oh, one is the spinning song). Well, she did not want that CD to go away, and so throughout this year I have been playing Christmas songs in my house.  But as there are no words and they are not really the Jingle Bells, Frosty songs, it’s okay I guess. 

Maybe the best solution would be to get some Halloween and Thanksgiving music so I can mix those into the family play mix, because I agree that Thanksgiving should not be overlooked.  It is conveniently located, a month before Chrstmas so you have lots of opportunities to teach about gratitude, thankfulness, and giving before the kids (and myself) get caught up in all of the gimme gimme.  (Of course, those lessons usually flee the mind as soon as you walk into a store).

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