Sibling Interactions

Posted on October 9, 2008 by


Alanna is sick today.  So sad.  She has a fever and a very sore throat so she sounds very froggy.  She slept in late, took a two and a half hour nap, and has mostly been lying around all day, and snuggling with Mommy of course. 

During this process, Asher has been very interesting to watch.  His sister is not up to her normal antics and playing today, and he seems lost.  He is not sure what to do.  He is not finding much to play with, and generally is sitting around doing nothing.  He also took a long nap, but when Alanna is awake he has been mimiking her and lying around.  (He’s also been getting upset becasue my lap which is usually HIS spot, is occupied).  Alanna is feeling better now and she is coloring with her markers.  So guess what, Asher now needs to color too, even though he did not want to earlier.

I would say that Asher has the more dominating personality as a general rule.  But at the same time he is such a follower of his big sister.  He wants to do everything she does.  Hmmm, I’m seeing a future where Asher is a tag along with his older sister.  But then again, by the time they get to that age Asher might not have any interest in what Alanna is doing.

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