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So, in my attempt to feel more politically educated, I just youtubed the debate between Palin and Biden and only got through the first 20 minutes (need to go to bed soon).  I realize this isn’t much to make observations off of, but mostly I wanted to see Palin in action.  And maybe my expectations were too low for her, because so far she sounded decent.  Yeah, mentioning talking to parents at a soccer game was cheesy, but so was Biden’s mentioning talking to people at gas stations.  She doesn’t seem quite as articulate as Biden, but she didn’t have any obvious blunders. And I was confused that it seemed like Palin kept talking about cutting taxes and Biden kept seeming to be talking about raising taxes, which I though was contradictory to the Republican/Democrat stereotypes, but now I realize that Biden kept talking about raising taxes ONLY on people making more than $250,000 a year.  So I think that fits in better with the stereotype I’ve got going in my head. And wow, the importance of the number of $250,000.  It would suck to be on the border of going over that, eh?

In conclusion, I realize watching 20 minutes isn’t much, but it’s a start for me, and I figure if I just keep taking them in small chunks I can handle this.  I keep waiting for some sort of subtitles at the bottom though, to decipher what they’re saying into like, what it really means.  I know there’s a lot of reading between the lines to do, I just can’t even start to figure that out.  Maybe with time…

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