The Family

Posted on September 24, 2008 by


Heather’s been in Europe for a week and a half now, and she’s coming home next Tuesday. The kids and I have been surviving pretty darn well, mostly due to the kind intervention of my parents and our friends, the McElfreshes. Mom and Dad spent all last week living at our house to take care of the kids (and me) while Heather’s away. It was basically amazing. Lots of walks, lots of trips to the park, and we wrapped it up with a wonderful excursion to the Enchanted Forest.

I think the last time I went there was fifteen years ago. I remember it being pretty cheesy at the time, but going with Alanna and Asher made it wonderful. They both loved the roller coaster (I was surprised at how fast it was, considering the average park patron is probably about 3 years old.) They also had fun driving around in the bumper boats. It was fun to see little Asher motoring all over the boat pool, bumping into the other boats, and the walls.

Now grandpa and grandma have gone back to Cameron Park, and we’re staying with the McElfreshes. It’s been good for the kids to spend time with their friends, Kaity, Aurora, and Kal-el (yup, that’s his name, and he’s living up to it.) They’ve enjoyed playing My Little Ponies together, and eating spam musubies. I only hope that it’s not too much work for Sarah to put up with watching all five of them while Derek and I are at work during the days…

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