The alignment of the universe?

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Sometimes it feels like the whole universe has aligned itself just right so that your life is absolutely perfect, even if only for a small amount of time.  That’s how it feels now.  I can’t believe that of all the schools I could have gone to I came here, to Humboldt, and that of all the people I could’ve  met and hung out with, I found some really amazing people. 

Their off-campus house is just a five minute walk from my dorm.  It’s got a tye-dye tapestry in the window, so it’s difficult to miss.  Step inside and the walls are covered in art, some graffiti-style and then there’s some mermaids and even some Wild Things, from the book Where the Wild Things Are.  Signs in the bathroom tell you “If it’s yellow, let it mellow,” and “If it’s pee let it be,” to conserve water by flushing less.  The small kitchen is where many organic dinners are made, and I’ve discovered many foreign foods that are a staple here, such as veggie burgers on a piece of bread smothered with mayonnaise and A-1 sauce.  To use the microwave is shameful, and the microwave’s existence is hidden in the mud room.  Sometimes dinner is made to be more formal by moving into the center of the mostly-empty living room, grabbing a seat cushions and sitting on the ground in a circle around candles to eat.  At times people seem to flock here, with some occassional yoga moves performed in the middle of the living room.  Sometimes the crayons and markers are broken out and people just color, for the sake of coloring, something I haven’t really done since I was probably in 5th grade.  And on a good night the drums will come out and someone will start a beat and other people will sing.  Afternoons sometimes include naps outside on the front lawn.      

So what are the chances that out of the whole country I would chose to come to Humboldt and end up talking to just the right people to land myself at this magical place?

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