Jacob 5

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I’ve started school again. I’m in Willamette University’s MBA program, which is a lot of fun, but is also a major time commitment. I want this blog to continue to stay active, so I’ll focus on making frequent shorter posts rather than infrequent longer ones.

Today’s post is brought to you by Jacob, chapter 5. In this chapter, Zenos makes an allegory between the world and an olive orchard. The character repesenting God tends to the orchard in three ways: he nourshes the trees, he grafts their branches into each other, and he prunes out the sick branches.

It’s interesting to me that grafting the branches from each tree into the others is a central theme of his work. In the story, it’s God’s solution for both sick trees and healthy ones. In life, I think this plays out as we expose ourselves to new experiences. We get involved in other people’s lives, we open up our own lives, and we learn to understand the world more fully through those experiences. I believe that part of the message is that diversity of experiences one of the requisites to healthy, happy living.

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