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Wymount - Both Good and Old

The best living circumstances Heather and I have had in our married life was at BYU’s married student housing. The apartment itself wasn’t anything special — concrete brick walls (kind of like the picture in Jade’s post below) and occasionally noisy neighbors upstairs and across the hall. But I took for granted at the time the unique blessings we had living there.

First, and best, were the friends. Being immediately adjacent to several hundred young families in similar circumstances made it easy to meet people. Travel time from our door to the Rosses was approximately fifteen seconds. In twenty-five seconds we could get to the Familias or Vautiers, and thirty seconds would get us to the couple who introduced us to Munchkin, whose names I don’t recall now.

Second was the quad, the open play area in the rectangle formed by the four buildings of our complex. Alanna loved to eat the sand on the playground. Heather and I danced in the sprinklers on the grass late at night. All of the apartment doors opened into the quad rather than out toward the parking lots, so that when you were bored during the day you could look out to see who was in the quad to chat with. And when you were bored at night, you could look across the quad to see whose lights were still on.

Third was the Creameries. Convenient for an evening donut with friends. Also good for emergency milk, when necessary.

Fourth was maintenance and yardwork, from fixing broken toilets to having the lawns mowed to clearing the snow off the sidewalks. All done by someone else, making it so that I could lie in the sunny grass, studying physiology and watching baby Alanna roll around up and down the hillside.

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