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I love it here! I got a ride on the back of some kid’s bicycle into the town for a Labor Day celebration.  They closed a block of the city down and there were belly dancers and drummers and food and face painting!  So we got our whole faces painted! And hippie babies everywhere, and I asked what happened to hippie babies (we started calling them the tye-dye kids) when they grow up and the kid said that he had been a hippie baby, and what happens is you smoke weed with your parents and go into environmental energy research as a major and plan on having your own farm and producing all your own food when you grow up. And then we listened to the music (always reggae) and at first you feel like an idiot swaying to the music but then EVERYONE is and it’s fun to watch people dance like there’s nobody else there.  And pretty girls don’t shave their legs or their arm pits.  I’m not quite that “open-minded” yet, but i admire people who can do it. 

I feel like being at college is a mix of being at EFY and camping.  Grabbing your flip flops and bag full of shower stuff everymorning to shower in what is definitely not your shower and then coming back to the dorm room to sleep… It’s pretty unreal.  And I’ve come to realize that some seemingly pretty anti-social activities can really spur new socialness.  For example, playing the piano is not exactly a group activity, but sometimes people will hear you and poke their heads in to see who’s playing and BAM you have new friends. Or playing volleyball with people you already know and then new people join and it just makes you realize that for the most part you make more/better friends when you’re not trying to.  On a sidenote, playing volleyball in the sand court right next to my dorm room is my first real application of P.E. skill in real life.  Weird.  It takes me straight back to years and years of playing volleyball in middle school and high school. 

So sometimes life is stressful and you feel like you’re being too anti-social and sometimes it’s never been better and you have all the friends in the world 😀 But it’s getting more stable in a good way.  Life is good.

Face paint!!!!!

Face paint!!!!!

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