Short Work Day

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My Beautiful Campus (I'll try and find a bigger picture next time)

My Beautiful Campus

I carpool to work with my father-in-law. He drives, and I help pay for gas. This setup means that I often don’t have control over my work departure and arrival times. For example, he prefers working from 8:00 to 4:30, which means taking a half-hour lunch. I’d rather work till 5:00 and get the full hour.

It also affects my workout schedule. Working at Chemeketa means that I can use the school’s gym facilities. They’ve got a nice little conditioning room, with weight machines and eliptical trainers. However, I can only workout when I can convince my father-in-law to workout also. This actually works pretty well for us, and we make it in there two or three times a week (yeah, you should see my awesome pecs and biceps 🙂 .)

Right now they’re building a barn for the alpacas, so we’ve been working 7:30 to 4:00 this week. After Heather and I got married, we would go visit her family at their farm in Scio (where they lived before they got their farm in Dallas.) We’d fly out from Utah, her mom would pick us up, and we’d spend a few days or a week with them.

I remember how frustrating it was for me at the time not to have a car while we were visiting. I was a grown, married adult, but when it came time to go places, I would shuffle off into the backseat like I did when I was twelve. I thought, “You know, when you’re grown up, that means you don’t have to go where other people are going. You can go wherever you want.” Apparently I’m still not there yet.

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