Finding a Memory

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I woke up early this morning, since my carpool was leaving at 6:15 AM instead of our usual 7:00 AM. After I showered and shaved, I came to the couch and looked out the window in the pre-dawn twilight. It’s been raining, so everything was dark, peaceful, and reflective. It brought feelings to me from many mornings past, of waiting for seminary vans, or getting up early to watch the sunrise.

As I tried to remember one of those mornings in particular, I was somewhat disappointed to find that I couldn’t. They’re all just one vague, nebulous mass of experiences. So I decided that, while I was waiting for my ride, I would try and discover a new memory.

I quickly found that randomly searching for a memory wasn’t working. My mind kept retreading well-worn paths. So I limited it to a specific time and place — Ms. O’Meara’s English class in 9th grade. Even then, though, I could only find re-memories, the memories that have been remembered so often that they become crystallized. In fact, I could list every memory I have of that class.

  • John Sears, who sat behind me, used to hit me on the head with his textbook to try and get a reaction from me.
  • There was a poster explaining the difference between “a lot” and “alot”.
  • We watched “A Christmas Story”, and I was irritated because everyone was talking and I’d never seen it.
  • One day the kid in front of me turned around and told me to stop farting (which I, of course, denied doing.)
  • I was mindlessly staring off into space, in the direction of the class cute girl, when she turned and thought I was some creepy guy watching her.
  • During the class final, where we were given a topic to write on, I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I just wrote, “I don’t have any opinions on this topic, so I’m not going to write anything.” That didn’t go over well with the teacher, or with Mom.
  • I impressed my classmates once by using the word “siblings”.
  • We watched some movie rendition of Romeo and Juliet.

That’s it. Now you know as much about my freshman year English class as I do. Kind of sad, when you consider that I spent four months of my life in that class. And that seems to be the way of memories, at least for me. Where are they all, anyway?

Hey, wait! We watched Stalin in there too! That’s a new memory! Alright, now I can spend the rest of my day working in peace, knowing that I’ve still got memories that can be found.

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