One down

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My sister delivered a baby today!  Turned out to be a boy even though we all were expecting a girl (via guesses, she didn’t find out).  His name is Alexander (middle name coming) Eigel, he weighed 9 lbs 10.75 oz and is 21 inches.  My sister in law is still pregnant (she had a due date of the 10th but that date does not work so we’re back to the original due date of the 18th) so despite all fears we did not have two babies born on the same day again.  Whew. 

Anyway, as I was leaving he hospital we passed the nurses desk.  There was a man standing behind a wheelchair and the wheelchair had an obviously pregnant woman in it.  The nurses were talking to them.  Suddenly the lady doubled over, and then arched backwards over the back of the wheelchair and she clenched her teeth and started doing “breathing” exercises.  And then I hear the nurse say, ” Well to be admitted I need you to fill out these forms allowing us to treat you and the baby…” and she pushed two clipboards over the top of the desk to hand to the lady (the gasping one).  This whole time she is standing up, and there is no way the nurse could not have seen the lady, but I guess she was not paying much attention until that moment becasue she blinked and said, “Oh, well you don’t have to do it right this second,” and pushed the clipboards back to the man.

It was one of those moments that you just have to shake your head at.  When you are going to regular appointments with your doctor, midwife, whomever, they make you sign a forms giving all of your information so that it can be sent to the hospital.  Isn’t it strange then that when you get to the hospital you are asked to sign more papers, and have to get your insurance card photocopied, and whatever else happens? (When I was having Alanna I forgot my purse at home and the insurance card was in it.  My Mom had to go back and get it for me).  What was wrong with the information I had the first time around?  I know that there are ways for mistakes to be made but isn’t there another way to do this so that we are not trying to write signatures while panting?  I hope they don’t do signature matches.

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