Back in Olden Times

Posted on August 13, 2008 by


Reading fantasy again has me thinking about the worlds I used to imagine living in. I spent a lot of time in middle school and high school looking out the window and waiting for some magic portal to appear that would take me off into the stories I read and the games I played.

Like a lot of kids, I thought it would be cool to live in olden times, with the freedom and simplicity I imagined people had back then. Of course, when you tell a grown-up about those kinds of fantasies, they say things like, “But then you wouldn’t have air conditioning, and cars, and video games,” and you realize that they’re right, and you’re pretty darn lucky to be where you are. But there were still some modern things (like compulsory education) that I wished I could do without.

So my question for all of you today is, which modern advance would you rather do without? For myself, it’s electrical lights. I don’t have anything against the rest of technology (except TV sometimes), but I think the simplicity of electrical lights are why I stay up too late, never watch sunrises, and am usually tired. I’d like to feel the magic of the evening when darkness comes, like when you’re camping, and to feel alive when I wake up in the mornings. How about for you?

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