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I have heard someone say that 90% of the work in church is done by 10% of the people.  I just got my third calling (4 if you count visiting teaching).  I am the enrichment specialist (in charge of mid week RS activities for the ward), the Primary Secretary and the Primary Chorister.  Sunday is not really a day of rest for me, at least for the three hours that Iam at church.  So I have found that I need to get my “spiritual cup” refilled in other ways.

First is sacrament meeting (which is during Ashers nap time).  If I actually get to listen, which really does not happen on some weeks, I can get a boost there.  Then, since Asher and Alanna are now both in Nursrey, I get to go to primary.  I am not always there for sharing time, I am usually running up and down the halls.  So, Primary singing time.  When it is Junior primarys’ turn, I am not always sucessful at this.  They are usually really well behaved, but they don’t know the songs as well, and so we spend a lot of time re learning what we learned the previous week.  A lot of repitition.

Senior primary is fun though.  It’s amazing how much easier it is to do songs when the kids can read the words and follow along.  And when they sing, it can really be amazing.  One of the songs the primary is learning this year for the primary program is “If The Savior Stood Beside Me.”  I had them do it without the poster and without the teachers help.  They sang so strongly.  And so clearly, I actually got goose bumps.  (I am glad they did such a good job.  A member of the stake presidency was standing there watching me since we had all of the doors open).  And then as I thought about it I realized that one of the things that I am supposed to do in this calling is to help the children get an appreciation for good uplifting music.  To teach that it can change moods and be used as a missionary tool.  (Give me some credit, I’ve never had this calling before).

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