Great Passion

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I’m still working on the #4 post about gospel frameworks. It’s getting pretty long, so in the meantime I’ll put this up for your reading and reflection.

In Jade’s recent post, she commented on a passage from The Fountainhead:

“Men hate passion, any great passion.”

This wouldn’t bug me so much but it seems to be a continuing theme, maybe?  And I disagree.  Or maybe I just need a good real life example of this, but it seems to me that for the most part people with great passion are admired.

I think I’ve got a “good real life example” for her.

I was recently riding in my friend’s car on a drive into town. There was a pickup truck right behind him in the adjacent lane. After we turned a corner, the truck suddenly accelerated quickly and zoomed ahead. It probably made it 100 yards before it had to slow down again because of the next car in front of it.

My friend said something like, “It brings joy in happiness into my heart to see a person speed ahead recklessly, only to be stopped by the car in front of it. I only wish a police officer had been there too catch him while he was going fast.”

I think that’s a feeling we can all identify with — watching the smartest kid in the class do poorly on a test, or seeing the motorcyclist who’s speeding between the lanes get cut off. There’s something petty in us that hates to see someone else have a good time without consequences, something justifies our own shortcomings by saying, “If he fails, then I don’t have to succeed.” To paraphrase Carol Lynn Pearson, we get in the erroneous mindset that God “grade[s] on a curve.” I think that is part of what Rand means when she says, “Men hate passion.”

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