Painting woes

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Sorry, any birthday updates are going to have to wait for my painting gripes.

So last weekend I painted our two empty bedrooms.  When Hannah and I moved into our house a couple months back, we didn’t like the color in any of the bedrooms.  We had a professional guy paint our master bedroom for us the day before we moved in because we wanted that done in a hurry.  But we decided we could take our time on the other two rooms.  So this last Saturday was the big day.  Now, I don’t have much painting experience at all, but I figured, “How hard can it be!”  After 12 long hours, I finally finished both rooms, and I don’t think they look very good at all.  So here’s what I learned for any of you amateur painters out there:

  • It’s better to have too much paint than too little
  • Physical stress is bad enough without the constant anxiety that you’re running out of paint
  • A step-ladder that allows you to barely reach the top of the wall means your calves are in for a workout
  • Masking tape is not just a cheap, white version of painter’s tape
  • However many gallons the guy at Walmart says you’ll need, better double it
  • Even a pale green color is hard to cover with yellow
  • Plan on applying 3 times as many coats as the guy at Walmart says
  • Even your favorite radio station gets old after 10 hours
  • Have bandaids handy for when your monster blisters pop after the 3rd hour
  • Perhaps painting one room at a time would be best
  • Better buy two paint sets so when your first roller breaks you have a backup (better make it 3, just in case)
  • If you’re required to wear a Sesame Street bandaid for your blisters, the manly thing to do is wrap the bandaid with a bunch of masking tape.  This will make the cashier at Costco think you’ve bandaged your wounds with nothing but masking tape and that you’re macho enough to handle it
  • The Chicken Bakes at the Costco cafeteria are delicious
  • Plan on not moving any of your aching muscles for 24 hours after painting 2 bedrooms
  • Hundreds of dollars for a professional painter never sounded so good


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