Jonathan’s Arrow

Posted on August 4, 2008 by


Each night, Asher and Alanna enjoy reading from the children’s illustrated Bible we have. They have three favorite stories that we cycle through: Adam and Eve (since it has pictures of all the animals in the Garden of Eden), the ten plagues of Egypt (or the “snakes” story, as Alanna calls it), and the story of David. Right now, David is the favored of the three.

Alanna’s gotten pretty good at it (you should hear her say “Ahimelech”), but the real reason that she and Asher like the story is that it has a picture of David’s friend Jonathan shooting an arrow. Whenever we get to that page, both of them say, “Watch! Watch!” and they show me how they can shoot arrows.

Alanna puts one hand forward and pulls the other hand back, points toward the window, and says “Psshh!” Then she runs across the room to get her arrow back so she can do it again. Asher hasn’t quite gotten the two-handed approach down, so he just punches one fist forward and says “Psshh!” with quite the same effect. They both get so excited about that. Sometimes when I put Asher to sleep, he’ll lay there in bed, punching toward the ceiling and saying “Psshh!” for some time afterward.

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