I want vacation days, not makeup the time days

Posted on August 2, 2008 by


Speaking of ratios (from Jades post) I need to figure out one of my own.  Fun of activity vs. having Dane gone for all of the hours it takes to make up the time of the activity.  Dane still has no vacation days and he is still trying to make up time from the family reunion.  Which means I have Saturdays, or really long days mixed together.  The thing is, almost every day has seemed long lately and so when he is gone all day and into the night I start wondering if vacations are a good idea.  Not that I regret the family reunion, I regret that he doesn’t get vacation time.  And one of his co workers wants us to take an afternoon off to go to the Aerospace museum sometime this month.  Grrr, another day when he has to make up time. 

I wonder if I would be as upset about this arrangement if I did not have 4 blisters on my hands from raking up moss out of our backyard.  That was supposed to be Danes job but since we have had no time, I got it.

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