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Just wanted to announce my arrival to the Marsh cousins blog.  I unfortunately do not have my own blog, but will most definitely keep you all update on the Brown family happenings as they come along. 

So, for an update, I want to seriously kill my cat.  She’ probably the worst pet ever.  She stinks up our house, and has recently been peeing all over.  Cat pee is the most rank smell known to man in my opinion, almost nothing is worse.  You can’t punish cats either, because they’re too dumb to understand and we’re not home often enough to catch her in the act.  Also another negative…the dogs think they need to chase her ALWAYS, thus making my house seem like a zoo. 

The Dogs

The Dogs

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs, but they are enough to drive you insane sometimes. OH MY GOSH, did I tell you all that Aries (the black weenie dog) just had puppies.  He (yes he) has 4 beautiful puppies, see here: 

I’m a grandpuppymommy!  Anywho, that’s all for now…have a nice week!

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