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I just put in a new picture of the dancing dress I was describing earlier.  I just took these photos off of the camera.

Hmm, I guess that means that I should put one of Asher up too, just to be fair.  Lets see, a little story I can tell.  Ashers favorite thing in the world are swings.  If I let him, he would stay in the swing all day.  My arms get tired after awhile.  When I get him out of the car or burley when we get to the park the first thing he does is toddles over to the swings and asks for me to push him.  He does this three times usually.  The only thing that comes close to the call of the swing is throwing rocks into the creek.  The park has a creek running through it and in the summer it is low enough for wading, or in Ashers case, for sitting in the mud and throwing rocks.  Alanna really loves it too, and has enough courage to go into the water.  For some reason Asher will not go into large bodies of water.  I actually look on this as a good thing.  I much prefer the rock throwing although we have to keep him away from everyone else while he is doing it.  His aim leaves much to be desired.

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