Dancing Dress

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I remember when the first Barbie movies came out I thought that they were just silly cartoon movies, and another way for the Barbie industry to make money.  In other words, no way could they compare with Disney.  Now I must eat a little humble pie.  We are borrowing a few movies from our friends and three of them are Barbie ones that they thought Alanna would like.  She adores them naturally.  Her favorite is The 12 Dancing Princesses.  And actually, I really like it.  It’s a lot of fun.  Alanna has decided she is the pink princess (named Fallon) and I am the green one (Delia).  Funny, the pink princess in not the “main princess” so neither of us is the main character.  Asher is the cobbler Derek.

Anyway, onto the main point of this post.  I recently took Alanna to the store and had her choose some fabric for a dress.  I have only made a hat for her before and she wore it once, and pulled the pom pom off of course.  Anyway, she chose a pink fabric with ballerinas around the bottom and dancing shoes all over it.  And I made her a dress out of it. (In a way a dress is a silly thing to make her since she only wants dresses for Sundays and refuses to wear them otherwise, but they can be really easy).  It actually turned out really cute.  Well, she refuses to wear it, unless she is watching the 12 dancing princesses.  When the dancing part comes she asks for her ” dancing dress”. I go get it, she put it on, and dances around the room just like the “pink princess”.  When the movie is over she asks for some clothes to put on.  I try to tell her a dress IS clothes, but she really wants her pants/shorts and a shirt.  Oh well, at least she wears it for something.

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