Setting: Taco Del Mar

Posted on July 25, 2008 by


At work we serve beer in glass bottles, and when customers finish their beer they are hesitant to throw the bottles away (either because they want them to get recycled or because it’s not polite to throw empty glass bottles in a trash bag in case the bottle breaks and cuts through the bag?).  So they tend to just leave their empty beer bottles on the counter by the register, giving the store a less than wholesome appearance.  So during a slow day I decided to make a Recycle Box and I even decorated it a little with blue and purple sharpies.  The box filled up so I bagged the bottles and stuck them in this perfect little empty cupboard where I’ll stash them until I have enough bottles to get rich!  Which is hard to do at 5 cents a bottle, but we do sell a lot of beer…  My favorite part though is that my coworkers know that it’s my box, so when I come in for work they’ll say “Jade, you made 75 cents today!”

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